Launch, service and scale your loans. All in one OS.

The central hub where you can view, manage, and finetune all your customer loan accounts.

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Multi-Product Capable
Manage multiple lending products in one place. Our interface adapts to each account, allowing you to customize based on your business model or borrower preferences.
Customer Management

Understand your borrowers.

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Manage customer information, gain comprehensive account insights, and improve each customer’s experience.

Account Management

Service loans responsively,
in real-time.

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View rich data to zoom in on the activity of your borrowers, so you can adapt product configurations to their changing needs.

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Product Configurations

Finetune your products. From advanced automations to customizable workflows, manage the things that make your products tick.

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Team Admin Settings
Collaborate compliantly. Ensure maximum transparency and security with manageable access levels for each team member.
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Compliance taken care of.

SafeGuard data in an immutable ledger. Satisfy regulators with custom reporting. Say no more.

Experts you can rely on.

Modern lending is complicated. Our dedicated support team makes it simple. Whether it’s building workflows or onboarding borrowers, we’ve been there.

Tandym uses Canopy for policy enforcement over the lifecycle of the borrower, such as turning on and off interest grace periods based on borrower activity.

A loan management system built to scale with your business.