Launching Revolving Credit on a Closed Loop Infrastructure

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Innovative, Frictionless Digital Credit for E-Commerce

Tandym, the first fintech company to enable e-commerce businesses to quickly and easily offer their own, next-gen private label credit cards, needed a modern lending architecture. In launching a revolving credit product on a closed loop infrastructure, they chose Canopy as their flexible loan management system to help them reach the next level.

As the first private-label credit card company empowering merchants of any size to offer a branded digital credit card, Tandym is on a mission to help merchants grow their business. The innovative platform is designed to enable fast, seamless integration with retailers to cut processing fees and power turnkey loyalty programs for customers.

Must-Have Features for a Loan Management System

Post origination, one of the key features the Tandym team considered in their product development was a seamless, consistent servicing experience that matched expectations set during the onboarding flow. For instance, making repayment as easy as possible for the end customer.

Tandym sells to merchants, offering an alternative to traditional credit card services like Visa/Mastercard. Tandym uses Canopy for policy enforcement over the borrower’s lifecycle, such as turning on and off interest grace periods based on borrower activity.

To build and maintain trust with their own clients, the Tandym team worked closely with Canopy to launch their revolving credit product with an emphasis on:

  • Dynamic minimum payment calculations.
  • Reliable delinquency reports.
  • A frictionless experience for payment integration.