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We’re looking for ambitious and creative thinkers to help us power the future of commercial lending. Mind if we borrow you?

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We build better financial products. And people’s careers.

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We design and build great products. But only because we’re the product of great people. Check out the link below to learn more about our platform and customers. Then if it sounds up your street, check out our open roles.

One modern lending core.
Six core values.

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Always learning.

We can all do better. We strive to improve without getting defensive. As we grow, we “give away our legos” and empower teammates with ownership and responsibility.

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The important thing is to begin, get feedback, and iterate. We define a problem, hypothesize a cause or solution, and conduct experiments to test each hypothesis.

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We think about how the actions we take affect our clients and their customers. We check in on teammates and make room for different or contrasting viewpoints.

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Transparent and kind.

We hold that it is better to be awkward and honest about our mistakes, and to give and receive empathy, rather than take another course. We strive to be open, even redundant.

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Creativity is our fuel. One of the biggest ways we replenish it is by finding and celebrating things that are working well that otherwise might not have been noticed.

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We start each day/week/quarter/year with an intention. We follow through, follow up, and invest in ourselves. We keep commitments.

The inside scoop.

Life at Canopy.

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Work where you want.

We’re a 100% remote workplace.

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Recharge your batteries.

Enjoy flexible vacation time.

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Start a family.

We offer paid parental leave.

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Plan for the future.

401(k) + Canopy Contribution.

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Get rewarded.

Receive anniversary travel credit.

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Stay healthy.

Enjoy medical, dental, and vision insurance.

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Get rewarded again.

We offer a competitive salary
and equity.

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Customize your setup.

Get a contribution towards your remote setup.

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Stay doubly healthy.

Monthly wellness credit.

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Bring the energy.

We offer monthly food and
snack credit.

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Meet the team.

Join our insanely cool yearly offsites.

Together under one Canopy.

Our accelerated growth is the result of our diverse backgrounds — our differing experiences of affluence/poverty, our physical, racial, ethnic, and neurological diversity, and the many perspectives we bring to the table based on our unique individual and family histories.

As we grow, Canopy evaluates new hires based on their skills, domain knowledge, and experience. We are looking for team members who will move our company forward and who share our values and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

This means we seek employees who will share their perspectives, even when those views are different from the ideas and beliefs of other members of the team, and we challenge ourselves to live with the discomfort that can result from honest interaction.

At Canopy, it is better to be awkward, honest, and empathetic than to be right. We believe we can all be better, and we strive to do that every day. This applies to building our product, supporting our clients, and making diversity and inclusion the default rather than the exception.

Our hiring process.

Step 1

Intro call.

We’ll schedule a 15-30 minute virtual chat with a People Team member to get to know you, discuss your work history and career goals, answer your questions, and walk you through the full interview process. We want you to succeed!

Step 2

Meet the hiring manager.

During this 30-60 minute video interview with your potential manager, you’ll have an opportunity to dive deeper into your skillset and demonstrate your enthusiasm for our Company Values.

Step 3

Meet the Canopy team.

In this stage, you’ll have several cross-functional interviews to work on real-life challenges and better understand our company values and culture. These interviews may be 2:1 or multiple 1:1s and last for 30-60 minutes each.

Team 5

Join a winning culture.

We know our work culture is great.
But it’s nice to be awarded for it.

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