Accounting & Finance teams

Support better financial products. With big impacts to your bottom line.

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How Canopy helps Accounting & Finance teams

Canopy enables Accounting  & Finance teams to automate the money movement and financial analytics by connecting to your tool of choice. Canopy’s lending core offers fully-immutable and real-time traceability of all money flowing through your program.

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Teams close monthly books in record time
Fully immutable system of record
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One secure system
of record.

By maintaining an immutable ledger, Canopy allows you to securely track and audit the full history of activity across your accounts.

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Tailored fee structures.

Configure payment policies for each borrower’s needs, from fee waivers to grace periods, based on real-time calculations and account events.

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Lower servicing costs. Higher retention.

Our custom automations power a better borrower experience, more efficient servicing, and an average repayment rate increase of 30%.