Make your data count.

High-level or granular, historical or real-time. DataDirect presents the borrower insights that matter.

Monitor all your accounts in one system of record.
Understand And Present Data
Understand and present data with ease.
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Elevate every business decision.
Immutable Ledger
Immutable ledger. Permanent insights.

Analyze your borrower activity. Any way you like.

DataDirect is an immutable database that helps you make better business decisions.

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Account insights

Summarize your portfolio at a glance. Or go granular into every account.

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Uncover valuable new insights.

Generate detailed credit risk reports, evaluate the downstream implications of account policies, or assess
your KPIs.

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Push data to combine
each source.

Connect DataDirect to every tool across your lending ecosystem for a comprehensive record of all
account events.

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Refreshed every hour.

Stay up to date. Track every change to your ledger as it happens, and see real-time calculations of payments or interest rates.

Business Reporting

Generate ready-made business intelligence reports.

Instant Account Statements
Pull Insights From Every Source
Schedule. Automate. Send.

Audit your accounts.
Improve your business decisions.

Review Historical Data

Review historical data.

As changes are made to accounts over time, you can still reliably get a full view of balances, statuses, and state at any point in time.

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Retroactively process events.

Modify different scenarios of events in your customer’s account – while keeping original historical events intact.

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Access hypothetical future insights.

Connect DataDirect with LoanLab to simulate future scenarios, test product configurations or preview the impacts of policy changes. 

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