Scale your commercial lending program.

Whether it’s revolving credit, installment loans, or a full-range product suite to support business financing, Canopy makes it easy to build and scale.

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Customize for each product.
However many you have.

Servicing business loans is rarely one-size-fits-all — yet most loan management systems don’t have the flexible infrastructure to support edge cases. But Canopy isn’t like other loan management systems.

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Support every modern lending need.

Provide business owners with just the right level of financing. Using rich data and cash flow insights, your team can support the life of all commercial loans from one lending core.

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Migrate easily from your homegrown LMS.

Exhausting the capabilities of your in-house lending core? We work directly with lending operators and product teams to help them migrate to a flexible system in a matter of weeks.

Flexible lending products, right this way.

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Working Capital

Cover short-term costs.

Provide financing for the day-to-day operational expenses of a company. SMEs can cover short-term costs such as inventory, payroll, rent, utilities, and other immediate expenses.

Borrow, Repay, Repeat (1)Borrow, Repay, Repeat
Line of Credit

Borrow, repay, repeat.

After pre-qualifying, grant instant access to a set of funds that customers can simply borrow, repay, and borrow again with a revolving line of credit whenever needed.

Provide Peace Of Mind 2 CompProvide Peace Of Mind
Merchant Cash Advances

Provide peace of mind.

Need to offer a cash advance? Provide a lump sum upfront in exchange for a percentage of daily credit card sales or a fixed daily debit.

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Installment Loans

Customize any loan, for any business.

Structure (or restructure) any installment loan with special interest rates and terms of repayment. Then, preview the results of the account before you commit.

Offer BNPL Without Middleman CompOffer BNPL Without Middleman
Buy Now Pay Later

Offer BNPL without the middleman.

BNPL makes it easy for customers to purchase equipment, machinery, or other direct sale items. Avoid the 10-15% take rate by offering this option in-house.

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Most small businesses do not need 5 year loans... what they need is working capital. It was understanding these needs that allowed us to create our somewhat unique lending structure.

Kevin Phillips , EVP & GM @ Novo

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