Simulate. Validate. Innovate.

Simulate the entire lifecycle of a loan, test different policies and actions, and observe the effects over time (and in real time).

A safe place to test policies and validate behavior.

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Experiment with new products.

Ready to expand into new markets? Simulate accounts on various product configurations to learn which is most effective for your business.

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Validate account behavior.

Manage customer information, gain comprehensive account insights, and improve each user’s experience.

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Get ahead of future scenarios.

Get ahead of questions like when an account will go delinquent, late fee amounts, or what happens when a partial payment is made.

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Create an account, choose your actions, and view behavior.

LoanLab is made to give you confidence in any new product, from a standard installment loan to a revolving line of credit for a small business.

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Built-in calculation management via SafeGuard.

Test account and policy actions within LoanLab. SafeGuard runs continuously to ensure your calculations are always accurate, no matter the scenario or edge case.

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