Powering the next generation of business lending.

We believe financial products should be flexible, safe, and transparent. So we help businesses build them that way.

Our mission

To enable organizations to launch personalized, transparent, and safer lending products.

Why Canopy exists.

Canopy was founded by fintech and lending experts who saw – firsthand – the limitations created by working within an internal loan management system of record. From a product construct standpoint, inflexible rules and policies prevent quick changes and the launching of creative offerings. This is especially true within commercial lending.


Homegrown or out-of-the-box solutions also make it difficult to understand your borrower in real-time. Meanwhile, on the operational front, this level of personalization makes all the difference for borrowers who want more than the traditional lending provided by a bank.


Fast-forward to today, and every company has the ability to become a lender. Whether it be a restaurant management software company expanding into working capital or a fintech offering banking for startups, creative financing options are endless. While you may start off with a few loans that can be managed in a basic database, complexity and edge cases are bound to creep in. Canopy exists to help you embrace the nuances and launch your products faster.


We’ve built a fully immutable, event-driven lending core that serves as a platform to meet business lenders exactly where they are. Clients can use Canopy as their system of record or as the integration layer on which to build. The sky is the limit.

Ready to launch your next lending program? Reach out to see how we can help.

Meet our leadership team.


Matt Bivons

Founder & CEO


Justin Potts

Chief Technology Officer

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Dami Payne

Head of Product

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Kirk Wells

Chief Revenue Officer

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Jessica Wu

Head of People

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Scotty Abramson

Chief of Staff

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Trisha Patel Sood

Sr. Director of Client Success & Support

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Our recent awards.

We’re honored to be recognized as an innovative company with a top-tier product. These awards are a testament to the incredible team we have at Canopy.

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