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We believe financial products should be flexible, safe, and transparent. So we help businesses build them that way.
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Our mission

To enable organizations to launch personalized, transparent, and safer lending products.

How it all started.

Years ago, Canopy co-founder and CEO, Matt Bivons, decided to close a credit card. He called customer service to get his balance total, made his payment, and assumed he was in the clear. That is, until two months later when he saw his credit score drop by 20 points. Frustrated to see it was due to unpaid fees on the credit card he thought he’d already paid, he called back.

As it turned out, Matt had interest that carried over from mid-cycle, and that interest had accumulated late fees. To add insult to injury, the representative could not tell him how much more he owed until the end of the cycle that following month or do anything about the credit score drop.

Matt quickly realized he was far from alone in this scenario. People experience these frustrations every day as fintechs, banks, and credit card companies simply don’t have access to real-time data. This led Matt and the founding team to start Canopy, a flexible, personalized platform for lending innovators.

Meet our leadership team.


Matt Bivons

Founder & CEO


Justin Potts

Chief Technology Officer

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Dami Payne

Head of Product

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Kirk Wells

Chief Revenue Officer

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Jessica Wu

Head of People

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Scotty Abramson

Chief of Staff

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Trisha Patel Sood

Sr. Director of Client Success & Support

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Boris Boroda

Head of Engineering

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Our recent awards.

We’re honored to be recognized as an innovative company with a top-tier product. These awards are a testament to the incredible team we have at Canopy.

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