Credit Risk Teams

Adapt credit products to every risk profile.

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How Canopy helps Credit & Risk teams

Canopy enables the ultimate policy flexibility for Credit and Risk teams to manage key portfolio metrics. Canopy has a suite of tools to allow your team to better report, investigate, and remediate on policy performance. Restructuring loans in real time helps to mitigate delinquency rates.

Of all accounts adjust credit policy modifications in real-time to lower delinquencies
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Flexible, risk-based configurations.

Design products with credit limits that make sense for each borrower’s risk profile. Less defaults, higher retention.

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Borrower analysis made easy.

Whether it’s a high-level portfolio summary, real-time risk calculation, or future forecast, Canopy presents the data that counts.

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Ready-made risk reports.

Generate detailed business intelligence reports based on data from across the loan lifecycle.

Simplified Analysis. Detailed Reports. (2) (1)Simplified Analysis. Detailed Reports.

Simplified analysis. Detailed reports. Better decisions. DataDirect is the portfolio dashboard that lets you calculate, predict and report on risk with ease.


Wave goodbye to account defaults and delinquencies. Servicing risk-adjusted loans with Canopy results in an average repayment rate increase of 30%.


Due diligence taken care of. Set up custom automations to streamline customer checks. Consider onboarding streamlined.