Lending program Directors

Build, service, and scale your lending program.

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How Canopy helps lending directors

Canopy helps lending program directors drive additional revenue for their programs. Come learn how directors enabled cashflow for their clients and their programs.

More repayments within Canopy in past 12 months
> 20%
Add more than 20% new revenue to the bottom line
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View your portfolio. Any way you like.

High-level or granular dashboard. Real-time or historical insights. Canopy helps you stay on top of borrower activity at any moment.

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Service responsively, in real-time.

Monitor the activity of multiple lending accounts, so you can adapt product configurations to each borrower’s changing needs.

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Keep borrowers in the loop.

Increase retention with perfectly timed and tailored communications. Schedule payment reminders, fee waivers, promotions and more.

Most small businesses do not need 5 year loans... what they need is working capital. It was understanding these needs that allowed us to create our somewhat unique lending structure.

Kevin Phillips , EVP & GM @ Novo