Canopy Connect

Better lending. Less work.

Canopy Connect is the all-in-one workflow builder that makes your lending programs work, so you don’t have to.

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Consider all your important tasks done.

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Remove manual work.

Loans are complex. Building them doesn’t have to be. Create custom workflows or use pre-built automations to take care of every lending task.

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Connect everything.

From payment processing and CRMs to reporting and communication tools, ensure all your systems work in perfect harmony.

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Scale with ease.

Build for tomorrow. Canopy Connect’s flexible custom integrations mean your lending products can grow along with the businesses you serve.

Connect all of the systems and processes that power your lending products.

Run them like clockwork. Scale them over time.

Borrower activity

Stay on top of every account activity.

Trigger A Response
Trigger a response for every event.
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Keep all your systems in the know.
Get Custom Alerts
Get custom alerts when you want them.
Business Reporting

Business reports that write and send themselves.

Schedule. Automate. Send.
Cycle Automations

Keep your borrowers in the loop.


The workflow builder for lenders.

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