Canopy lending core

Create the next generation of commercial lending products.

Using our fully immutable, transparent, and modern lending core you can increase cash flow for clients and ensure the ability to scale.

Build commercial lending products that are personalized, transparent, and safe.

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Flexible policy capabilities.

Our system allows you to create to create lending products that solve your business and borrower needs. From MCA, BNPL, Installment, to Credit and Debit all in one environment.


Real time data access.

Real time access to rich lending data to help your program make better decisions and increase cash flow for borrowers.

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Built in compliance.

Canopy holds itself to the highest levels of data security in banking. Paired with automated calculation testing your data will always be accurate and protected.

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Create fully auditable lending portfolios using our Event Based System.
Our system allows for ultimate flexibility in notifications and triggers enabling automations.
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Payment Orchestration
Our system is integrated into a host of money movement technologies.
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Flexible product policies enable experimentation.
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Ready to connect to your lending program.

Canopy is ready to seamlessly integrate into your lending programs technology stack