April 25, 2024

[Guide] How to Build a Thriving B2B Loan Program

Starting a B2B Lending Program
Jessica Pelini
Content Marketing Manager

Creating a sticky commercial loan program requires a deep understanding of market dynamics, user needs, and long-term value drivers. This comprehensive blueprint is designed to help you explore key considerations when structuring a new product, such as:

  • Identifying business financing gaps and pain points
  • Integrating loan products into your workflows
  • Hiring the right team and what to consider outsourcing
About the Contributing Author

Justin Sherlock, Former Head of Capital, Flexport

Justin Sherlock has extensive experience in developing commercial lending programs. Most recently, he led Flexport Capital, the embedded fintech group at Flexport, a global logistics platform. Here, he developed, sold, and funded working capital financing to hundreds of importers and exporters across dozens of countries. Under his leadership, Flexport Capital grew monthly revenue by over 10x and financed over $1 billion in inventory purchases.


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