Canopy Raises $15.2M to Fuel Growth Plans in 2024

Build better B2B lending products.

Get everything you need for business loan management and servicing. Plus the ability to operate and scale multiple products. All on a single platform.

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Canopy Core

A loan management system. And so much more.


Build lending products that last.

Offer customized policies, interest rates, payment plans, billing cycles and fees per customer. Then watch as retention improves.

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Scale with flexibility.

Things change. Markets and borrower needs evolve. Canopy provides modern lending built to adapt and grow with you and your customers.

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Keep borrowers in the loop.

Automate instant, tailored communications for payment reminders, promotions, fee waivers and more.

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Create one system of record.

Track every change to your ledger, see real-time calculations, and retroactively process events.

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Embed modern lending and credit products — whether you're a fintech, digital bank,
or vertical SaaS company.

Trusted by modern lending teams. Learn more from our customers.

Card issuers. Payments processors. Credit reporting. Whoever you’re partnered with, Canopy connects.