Tandym uses Canopy for policy enforcement over the lifecycle of the borrower, such as turning on and off interest grace periods based on borrower activity.

Whether you're offering business financing, installment loans, or niche credit products, Canopy has your back.

Fast And Easy Setup

Immutable ledger.

Track every change to your ledger, run real-time calculations, and explore dynamic, retroactive events.

Connect Everything

Low code integrations.

Built to support modern payment cards, so you can streamline issuing, payment processing, and servicing in one platform.

Best In Class

Personalized service.

Increase customer service productivity and borrower trust with automations that allow your organization to deliver personalized assistance.

Modern lenders choose Canopy.

Hear from David Anderson of Tandym and Matt Lekawa of NaluPay on why they chose Canopy to support their long-term lending vision.

Common lending use cases.

Installment Loans

Create an installment lending solution.

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Payment Cards

Create a charge or revolving card product.

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Buy Now Pay Later

Create and manage a BNPL solution.

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An operating system for redefining loan management.

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