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Canopy provides a diverse set of tools and features to help partners service their customers in a modern way.
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System of Record

The core of Canopy. A lightning fast and flexible system of record and servicing engine. Canopy makes it easy for Fintechs and Banks to launch and query an immutable system of record in 4 API calls or less. The Canopy system of record is a configurable rules engine and event driven calculator which services revolving credit, lines of credit, installment and debit products.
Fully Immutable ArchitectureTransaction Level PricingDynamic Retroactive Events

CanopyAPI + CanopyOS

Seamless Integrations

Canopy helps partners easily integrate with industry leading issuance and payments processors such as Galileo, i2c, Marqeta, and Stripe. For reporting, Canopy automates Metro2 files and can act as a data furnisher or utilize a bank partner’s bureau codes. Because Canopy is a real-time system, partners can quickly create bank reports at the product, account or transaction level.


Team Management

The CanopyOS is built for teams. Easily invite others and set roles and permissions. You may want some team members to edit policies and rules, while others can only update consumer accounts (like change an address). Admins can track change history and easily manage access.
One-Click Invite & VerifySet Roles & Permissions
SOC Compliant
Reg E, Reg Z, FCRA

Industry Leading Compliance

We built Canopy with compliance at the forefront. Canopy is committed to ensuring all programs launched on our platform meet the necessary regulatory requirements. We are also committed to data security, privacy and work with third party vendors to ensure we keep compliant.


A Modern Customer Support Interface

Canopy helps reduce customer service rep training time and ultimately reduces the cost to service an account. We have built a modern customer support interface to make servicing an account easier. Quickly navigate, search for accounts and make changes all in real-time. Our universal notes view, allows for any CSR to log in and see the history of edits to any account.
Manage Accounts & PromotionsManage Your IntegrationsView Universal Account History


Dispute Management

Canopy provides better visibility into the dispute management and resolution process. Our system allows customer service representatives to identify, track and resolve disputes. We help our partners work with each network (i.e. Visa & Mastercard) and map reason codes. Canopy issues provisional credits, chargebacks and updates the status of an account once an outcome is received (won/loss).
Create and Manage DisputesUpdate Dispute StatusSet Rules for Retroactive Events



Canopy improves contact resolution through creating and managing escalations within an account. Partners can create, assign and track ticket activity. Team members can look up a specific ticket assigned to them and quickly update the status to let others know what is in progress.
Assign Tickets to TeammatesTrack Ticket Statuses

CanopyAPI + CanopyOS

Credit and Bank Reporting

Systematic assignment of Metro2 format status codes to customer accounts monthly & customizable reporting templates for bank requirements. Canopy can act as the data furnisher or leverage a partner’s sponsor code to submit Metro2 files. Our real-time system allows partners to run a variety of portfolio analytics.
Metro2 File & Data FurnishingAging & Portfolio Reporting

Canopy API + CanopyOS


Canopy automatically generates statement data for each account. Each statement contains the grace period and payment due dates in accordance with each product configuration. Check out an in-app statement view for your accounts as they generate in real time! Utilize the statements API route to customize the format and file type.

How Canopy’s Modern Features Compare

Servicing Features

Quick implementation via a few API calls
Modular approach to feature/functionality
Multiple lending product constructs
Supports multiple processor integrations
Modern Ops & Customer support tools
Low cost to partner